Friday, July 23, 2010

The Diversity of Asian Food

Eating is one of our basic needs. Besides the fact that the food most of us will be regarded as a passion, and he sees, with some leniency. And the great diversity of people and culture there is such a variety of foods and dishes as well as supply out there to get the palace. Well, because life offers endless possibilities, there is no reason why you should miss out on food and cuisine, each region has to offer on earth to enjoy.

One of the more exotic dishes are available, the Asian cuisine. Asian cuisine in all its color and taste, is always popular and highly appreciated by many Westerners. If the food on the American continent and Europe, Asian food tends characterized by their diversity. The vast majority of Asian countries offer many varieties of foods that are very different from each other. Indian food, for example, to try a wide range of culinary specialties to sample more than life, even for a Food Lover taken it all and enjoy. On the other hand, their own northern India has to offer exquisite examples of Asian cuisine, while South India offers a whole lot more. Do not underestimate the North-East India, and some examples of truly Asian food in abundance. In fact they offer a combination of Burma, Bhutan and Bangladesh food. In addition, western India has never been delayed by carving out a name in the annals of Asian cuisine.

Well, we go a little further in Asia. There is another Asian nation, Singapore, known as a hub for authentic Asian cuisine. An infinite variety of cuisines from different parts of Asia here. There is an authentic Thai cuisine, Chinese cuisine, food, or Nonya cooking world last great mystery. There is also the Peranakan food, which is unique in the strait.

What about the Far East? What can we take? This is the best example is for Asian cooking - is none other than Japanese and Korean cuisine. With regard to Asian cuisine goes, as a genre, Japanese and Korean cuisine has redefined the genre. Why? Asian cuisine is mainly based on rice, is not it? But as you observed, a large majority are Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes to use in their pasta dishes instead of rice. Another thing is to cook Asian cuisine. But what do you say about Sushi? It is probably by far the most popular food in Asia that is eaten raw.

In fact, any country in Asia to its own unique cuisine, very different, even the kitchen surrounding areas. Food in Asia can not therefore be regarded as a classification of convenience, since these different cuisines are not otherwise classifiable. No wonder why there was an increasing number of fans and consumers of delicious, delicious Asian food.

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